During the peak of the pandemic last year our team had a unique opportunity to visit a local corporate dairy farm in Kasur, Pakistan. The farm has around 3000 cows that produce around 30 tons of milk every day. The whole system is managed by several workers, operators, supervisors spear headed by a farm manager.

Think Connects was approached by the farm management to develop and install a smart IoT system that could monitor a critical environment parameter that impacts the yield of milk produced i.e. Heat Index. The THI is a combination of temperature and humidity measurement that causes heat stress in cows which adversely effects their ability to produce milk.

Our team underwent a design thinking process and engaged with the prospective customer to come up with the optimum design of the product for this application. Initially a test system was also deployed to collect readings from the farm. Eventually, on 18th Dec 2021 we deployed our first version of the Smart THI Monitor in one of their control sheds. The product is beautifully crafted using modern 3D printing technology with a weather shelter that houses the sensor along with a custom designed data logger that connects with the Think Connects IoT platform giving real-time data to the customer.

The goal is to alert the farm field workers when the THI value exceeds or precedes a certain threshold value. Using advanced analytical features our platform is also providing them weekly, monthly and yearly reports on the THI levels in their sheds which they can now correlate with the yield of milk.

Following are some of the snapshots from the installation field work.